In order to promote best practices in rescue, the following conditions need to be met in order to be given 'Rescue status' on RHU. Please read carefully.

- All animals must be given lifetime backup, meaning that if necessary the animal will be returned to the Rescue at any time during it's life

- Where possible all animals must be neutered/spayed prior to rehoming, or this must be included in the rehoming agreement (unless not possible due to medical reasons)

- No rescue animals to be bred from under any circumstances

- Where possible all animals must be vaccinated prior to rehoming/fostering (unless not possible due to medical reasons)

- All new owners must pass a home check prior to the rehoming of the animal (this applies to all types of animal)

- Animals should be assessed before going to foster or forever homes, and in particular, dogs from the pound should be thoroughly temperament assessed and vet checked prior to going to a foster or forever home

*Note - vaccination/neutering rules apply to animals for which this is routine, such as cats and dogs. We understand that some species of animals do not routinely receive this treatment.


Requests for 'Rescue Status' by rescues that do not meet these requirements will not be approved. You are more than welcome to join our community but not in a rescue capacity (i.e. you will not be able to request help with transport, homechecks, fostering etc. or offer 'backup' for animals in need)