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Guest Area>dog walking
izzycahill 21:55 12th September 2017
Hi. My name is Izzy and i am 15 years old. i love animals. I have a dog at home and 2 cats.
i am looking for the opportunity to walk dogs on a volunteer basis. I am doing my silver DOFE and dog walking would be perfect for my volunteering section. I have school on Monday through Wednesday but am available from 5 onwards and saturdays (depending on time) and Sundays.
Thank you
Jem 00:17 14th September 2017
Hi Izzy- can I just say it's a great thing you're offering but there are other safer ways. The best you can do is google local animal rescue charities in your area, contact them by phone and go along (with a friend or family member ideally) to check them out. RSPCA and Dogs Trust are worth contacting anyway because they have larger operations. Explain what you can help with and how well it will fit in with your own life. Make sure you know exactly who you are dealing with at all times. Best of luck. I've been volunteering with charities since I was your age and it's been one of the
best things in my life. to you!
Jem 00:31 14th September 2017
And I forgot Battersea!