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Other Help Needed, Appeals and Fundraising>Volunteer Dog Walkers: BLACKPOOL, Lancashire, FY3 9LJ.
chrissey 13:31 31st March 2016
Help would really be appreciated for Ruby's new owner. Ruby's new owner is an older lady that will need a little help initially with walking Ruby, as Ruby is not being walked in her current home, so will pull a bit on the lead.

Ruby is a tiny pedigree Staffordsire Bull Terrier of 7years. Ruby has lived with another dog and is quite young at heart and just wants to play. Although Ruby has lived with another dog she has never really been mixed with other dogs but is good with all people including children.
chrissey 11:21 1st April 2016
Could anyone recommend a professional dog walker in the area please? Funds will be available for a week or two.
Mole 11:52 1st April 2016
contact greenowl30 on here (Mary at Homeless Hounds) as they have kennels in the area and they have volunteers who may know of someone. You could also ask on their facebook page?
chrissey 11:54 1st April 2016
Will do, thanks Kathy.
chrissey 11:58 4th April 2016
Well, very, very pleased to say, a walker will not be necessary. I received a voicemail yesterday to say that "she is not a bit of trouble on the walk, she pulled very, very slightly. And she's lovely."

Tried ringing this morning, but guess they are out and about together.

Thread can be closed, thanks