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michelleadm 12:21 8th January 2016
Saving Suffering Strays - Sarajevo - is a desperate plight of stray dogs in Bosnia. Many suffer from abuse, hate, starving, shooting, poisoning. In Bosnia they don't have proper shelters, lots of dogs suffer and die.

People don't like dogs - they kill dogs with rifles and other horrible methods such as poisoning, running them over and they have had boys put fireworks on dog's faces and some people have actually put dogs in cement when building houses. The abuse is very bad.

The lady who runs the rescue has done so for 20 years now and feeds as many hungry dogs 100 near where she lives as they cant afford to kennel anymore. They live on industrial estate and if she doesn't feed them then they will starve.

Please support this my page Saving Suffering Strays Sarajevo Auction Page to support the 180 dogs we have in kennels. Every penny goes towards kennelling, food, vet treatment and transport fees.

Our Facebook auction page;

or to support SSSS or make a donation please go to our Facebook page;
julieh 21:19 8th January 2016
Is there anyway to donate without Facebook as I'm not on FB
michelleadm 01:18 16th January 2016
Thank you so much it's we have 174 in kennels & 15 pups saved. I am really trying to help.