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Other Help Needed, Appeals and Fundraising>Reliable dogwalker needed, Ingatestone, CM4
zenon_bass 00:32 18th November 2015
Heard tonight that my elderly friends need a new dog walker for their timid 5yr mn CKC. (I think they paid their previous local walker.)
Can anyone recommend someone fairly local or know of a dog walking firm that could help, please? They are hoping to find someone to walk everyday, but I'm sure an agreement could be struck on first meet.
I've mentioned the Cinnamon Trust, but this sometimes takes a while to set up.

Jod 15:21 18th November 2015
This one covers that area but not sure they're still active, website no longer available

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Lets Go Walkies

Dog Walker County: Essex
Dog Walker Towns/Villages: Brentwood, Hutton, Ingatestone, Mountnessing, Shenfield

Services available: Dog Walking, One Dog Walks, Group Walks

Phone: 07775 984474



My Dog Walking service is perfect for those of you who are busy professionals and need help to balance your working life with the love of your dog or Perhaps you have a hectic social life which means you are unable to take your dog out as much as youd like. Whichever I am here to help.

I can collect your dog or dogs from your home or place of work (if local) and take them out as part of a group walk for fun and exercise for a minimum of one hour or on a one to one walk for a minimum of 30 minutes which will take place in one of the surrounding parklands.

Morning and Afternoon pickups available on weekdays.
Morning Pickups available on weekends.
Early morning or evening walks are also available by arrangement.

Group walks are especially good for socialisation as it allows for more interaction with other dogs. All dogs will be walked on the lead initially. However, once I feel I have built up a sufficient relationship with your dog & feel it is appropriate, I will be happy to walk your dog or dogs off lead should you so wish. To do this I will need your written consent as this is required by my insurers.

This service is tailored to your requirements. I will, if requested, refresh your dogs water on our return, give your dog a treat, towel dry when wet, wipe his/her paws or anything else your dog requires or needs.

Before walking any new dogs, I would always recommend on having a getting to know you meeting with both you and your dog to discuss any personal needs they may have.

I will also look at your dogs temperament to determine whether they would be sociable and friendly enough for group walks and therefore act accordingly. This meeting will also be a great opportunity for you the client to ask me any questions, tell me what you would expect and determine whether I am the right person for you.

zenon_bass 19:45 19th November 2015
Thanks, Jo!
My friends now have a total of 4 different phone nos. to contact, including Cinnamon Trust and an RHU member!
I'll post again when they have something set up...
Jod 15:28 20th November 2015
Brill, good luck!