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Cat Help bring Diamaris (Turkish street cat) home to Scotland

Help bring Diamaris (Turkish street cat) home to Scotland

For: Diamaris
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Organizer: Laura McGee McParland Watson

365 of 500 goal
54 days left
73% Complete

The Story

Hi there, for people who do not know me my name is Laura, and i am probably known to my family, friends and colleagues as a bit of a crazy cat lady, but i can assure you that i am totally sane lol. I am married to John, and we have 4 ginger furbabies who share our home with us.

This fundraiser is in connection with potential fur baby number 5. We have named him Diamaris and here is his story.

Whilst on holiday in Marmaris Turkey, we came across a group of cats that were living in an old piece of spare ground used as an old boatyard. We feed stray cats on every holiday that we go on, its just something that has become second nature to us. There were around 10 cats, but Diamaris was the most friendliest of them all, allowing John to get close to him and pet him.

On doing this John became aware of multiple wounds and abscess on his ear, neck and back. He also looked to be blind in one eye, which was discolored and clouded over. John knew he needed veterinary treatment, and fast.

We contacted Marmaris street cats, and a lovely women named Sheila came to the hotel with a cat carrier to help us catch him. Off to the vets with one unhappy cat lol. Mehmet at Happy Pets Vet had a look at him, and told us to go for a coffee whilst he prepared him for treatment. To be honest we wondered if we would see him again, as his wounds looked so infected and severe, we hoped he wouldn't need to be put to sleep. Went back to get him, he had abcesess all over his head, back and neck. He was not blind, but in fact had a really bad infection in it.

He was given painkillers, long lasting antibiotics, and sedation. Mehmet told us that it would be best to take him back to the boatyard and wait with him until he woke up, as that would be less stressful for him..

So back we went and sat with him for 2 hours waiting for him to wake up, and when he did he staggered away like a little drunk man, with us walking along side him to keep him safe and get him into the shade, must have been funny for anyone who seen us lol. We left knowing that he was in a safe place, and didn't think that he would come near us again following his ordeal.

But low and behold, that night on our daily feeding mission, there he was waiting for us at the front of the boatyard, greeting John with headbutts and purrs. We knew right then that he was coming home with us. By day 3 his eye was clearer, his wounds were beginning
to dry up and he looked a whole lot better.

We again contacted Sheila and told her of our decision, with her help we have captured him and have found a foster home with Linda Richardson in Fethiye who will he stay with for the 4 months it takes him to be prepared to travel to us.

We have paid for all his medical treatment that he needs, microchip, rabies jag, vaccines, blood tests, paperwork etc and his food litter and board with Linda. Now for the main reason for this fundraiser, transportation to Scotland.

Flying is the quickest and safest option, but Turkey requires that one person fly's with the animal, meaning that either me or John will need to fly over and then back with him, traveling to and from different cities both here and in turkey. This is working out to be really expensive, and we really want to be able to bring him home to us.

I am totally new to this, so thought that if people who wanted to donate could add me on Facebook, and keep up to date with our progress, and i will show receipts for everything. Be rest assured that when he gets here, Diamaris is going to be the most loved, spoiled cat in Scotland, and finally his name, we found him at the Diamond hotel in Marmaris hence DIAMARIS.

Please share this everywhere and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this, and any donation big or small would be very much appreciated.

If you go onto the You Caring website, type in Help bring Diamaris (Turkish street cat) home to Scotland and it will take you to his page where you can make a donation if you wish
thank you for reading


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Here's the link:

365 of 500 goal
54 days left
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