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Lost/Stolen, Found Animals>Two black labs
julie10 19:51 14th July 2015
FOUND 13 July - 2 black female labradors in the South Lakes area, Cumbria. These dogs were found together and are in the care of the South Lakeland District Council dog warden. They are in good condition, well trained and very friendly. The dogs have been in care over 24 hours and it seems odd that nobody has come forward. The dogs are not in danger and a loving home will be found for them if an owner doesn't come forward but someone must be missing this happy pair. Tel: 015395 62665
julie10 10:51 21st July 2015
Thanks for looking everyone. Sadly no owner came forward for these two, so they will now be rehomed.
Jod 16:39 21st July 2015
What a shame and very unusual for a well trained pair.

Glad to hear they will be found a loving home