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Lost/Stolen, Found Animals>FOUND - Please share " just picked up on Enfield Road about 1km from M4 roundabout"
RHU Social Feeds 22:19 21st June 2015
FOUND - Please share. (1 like)
Group wall post by Jenny Westwood - 21st June 2015 20:05

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Facebook Appeal Folks. I just picked up this Dog on the Enfield Road about 1km from the the M4 roundabout. He was running all over the road frantically disoriented but it doesnt seem like he was hit by a car. He seems quite young he is trained to sit and stay. He has a brown leather collar with ANCOL written on it. Please share this so I can reunite him with his owner.
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zenon_bass 08:05 22nd June 2015
Hope his owner is found.
Has he got any contact info on the inside of his collar, as my sister's dog had