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SAFE & SOUND - Refuge for Death Row Pound Dogs

URGENT APPEAL FOR EVA - Please help save Eva from going deaf and blind!

Little Eva came to us in mid September from a pound in Yorkshire. On arrival, she was in a horrendous state, with an advanced and potentially life threatening ear infection which had already spread to her eyes. She was also suffering from a phantom pregnancy and had the most painfully overgrown claws we had seen in years.

It's several weeks since our vet began battling to treat the infection raging in Eva's ears and eyes. As the infection has receded, the vet has been able to assess the damage to Eva's senses. The news is not good.

Eva needs urgent surgery to save both her hearing and her sight. Her ear channels had been so inflamed that they were completely blocked until this week, but with the swelling reducing, it is now evident that she has a foreign body lodged deep within her ear canal, which must be removed under anaesthetic. Eva is also suffering from entropion, a very painful condition in which the eyelashes turn inwards, scratching the lenses of the eyes. Eva's eyes are now ulcerating, a sign that her lenses are being irreparably damaged, meaning her eyesight is also at serious risk.

Eva's treatment and aftercare will present us with a huge bill at a time when our financial reserves are worryingly low and when we are about to enter our busiest period.

We cannot delay, so we are asking you, our incredible supporters, for your help to raise 1000 for Eva's care.

Any contribution, no matter how small, will help Eva.

You can make a donation via your bank to:

Safe and Sound
Lloyds Bank
Account no: 25328860
Sort code: 30-97-90

Or via Paypal to:

Please mark payments "For Eva"

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