Bit different and so hope its ok to post this here:

We run a small charity and rescue for stray dogs in Bulgaria and have also managed to adopt 5 of our own. And often have various foster dogs living with us. This makes getting away difficult and as the charity has grown and we have become involved in helping more shelters around Bulgaria, we need to travel more. We also have personal business we need to attend to from time to time and sometimes we'd just like to go away to a hotel for a couple of nights and explore a different area.

So in return for accommodation with bills paid, we are looking for ideally an older couple to help care for dogs in our care (feeding, cleaning them out, picking up pooh from garden, brushing, maybe some basic medical care) when we are away, water the garden, clean the pool etc as needed. Or an individual, happy with their own company (or at least just the company of dogs) as its pretty rural and quiet. Dogs don't need walking as we have a large secure garden where they all run and play.

You would come and stay in our guest house for say 6 or 7 months (around end of April through to October) and help us with dog care. We would probably need actual care for a week to 10 days a month when we would be away and the odd couple of nights in between. Your water and electric would be covered and internet would be available from our connection. Or you could use a wifi dongle (we have a spare I think) and get pay as you go credit for your own connection. But ours should be fine for you for just checking emails, light browsing etc.

For anyone more creative and wanting to get more involved, there would also be help needed building kennels. renovating a barn we want to turn into dog runs, chopping down trees etc - really you could do as much or as little as you wished. We hope to rebuild using 'eco' techniques so you can be as 'arty' as you like if you wish!

There would be plenty of time for exploring the country when we did not require dog care. And there would be the opportunity to dog sit for a friend who runs another small rescue in a different area. There would also be the opportunity to help out at different shelters we work with.

Would ideally suit maybe an older couple who would come in their own car or a single person. Sorry not suitable for anyone with children as it is the downstairs one bedroom apartment of the guest house. Need to be fairly fit.

It gets very hot in the summer months so you need to be prepared for this. Not many people speak English and its a rural village, with just a couple of basic shops and local bar. So not good for anyone that wants nightlife, although we do go for a few beers at the local every now and then and out for meals at local restaurants. There are open air mineral spa pools in the next door village and plenty of opportunities for fishing (can teach my other half!!!) and walking as well as loads of history and culture.

A car is not essential as local buses and trains can get you pretty much anywhere but you would be fairly restricted without one. But welcome to come with us when we go shopping etc otherwise to stock up.

Realistically you would probably need at least 150 a month for food, going out on the odd occasion, visiting places etc. But could get by on less and you are welcome to use our veggie area to grow stuff if you want. There are loads of fruit trees on the plot.

Obviously we would be putting quite a lot of trust in you to care for our dogs and house and on the other hand you are coming to another country for a long period, so please feel free to drop me a line if of interest and want to discuss further.

There might be the possibility of longer term stay but we'd have to discuss terms and options later on.