What RHU help do you need?: FOSTERING in cases of emergency
Is rescue backup in place?: Yes
Contact/organisation details: Help and Homes for cats and dogs of Mehedinti (Romanian rescue) Luiza Mataca
Location (Village/Town, County and Postcode): Everywhere in the UK

Number of animals: 1 at a time
Type/Breed/Variety: Dogs
Sex: Females / males
Age(s): Adults
Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Temperament: friendly, playful
Assessment - Has animal had a thorough assessment?: Yes

Other information (optional): I am part of a Romanian rescue organization that helps rehome cats and dogs. Our dogs live in a large pack, our cats live in a large colony. Our goal is to rehome the adoptable ones. We are looking for foster homes throughout the UK who could be our emergency solution... for example, a dog who has traveled from Romania arrives in his new forever/foster home and happens to be unsuitable for the environment, the personality of the people or might happen that the dog is too much to handle - dog active/dominant, people - soft or dog insecure - excited children ... I am looking for child-free foster homes that could help us in a situation where a dog happens not to match the foster home awaiting for them for genuine reasons. We are looking for the peace of mind any rescuer wishes for - a back up plan for their beloved animals.
Our dogs live in a pack. Sometimes, a perfectly friendly, energetic, obedient dog who has been taken away from his pack can become insecure without the alpha dog and his friends and requires guidance, might act differently and we cannot predict their behaviour or reactions. We need experienced foster homes who could guide these dogs through this journey and help them be adoptable
If you would be interested to offer a helping hand and , at some point, make a huge difference in a dog's life, please do not hesitate to contact me