Name of Rescue: Animal Rescue Crew - ARC

Website address:
Rescue Facebook URL (optional):
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*Contact name(s): Aimee Parkinson
*Contact telephone number: 07733 050347 (after 5.00 pm if calling Mon-Fri)
*Contact address: 5 Priory Bank, Coldstream, TD12 4EA


Where rescue is based (Town, County): Scotland

Where rescue rehome to (e.g. with X miles or in X,Y,Z counties, or UK wide): Primarily within Scotland but also to suitable homes in other parts of the UK when possible

Type of animal(s) Rescue deals with: Dogs and eventually some cats

Is Rescue breed specific?: No

Do you neuter all animals before leaving for forever homes where applicable? Please provide details of your neutering policy: all dogs with the exception of those with any medical conditions, or age related concerns will not be neutered prior to rehoming. Any who can be neutered at a later date will be and it will be a written part of the contract for the adopter to proceed with this.
(*If any animals are not neutered before rehoming due to age/health etc. please provide specific details on your policies, timescales for neutering by the new home, how this is checked by the rescue etc.). We will take details of the vet the adopters will be registered with. Any dog due to be neutered will have a timescale to adhere to, any dogs unable to be neutered within this time must have a letter from the vet. Once a dog is neutered we will contact the vet to confirm. If required a dog (or cat) will be removed from the home to have this done.

Do you always home check?: Yes

Do you always vaccinate? (if applicable): Yes - a requirement under the pet passport scheme to travel to the UK

Do you always worm/flea treat? (if applicable): Yes

Do you microchip? (if applicable): Yes

Do you provide insurance when rehoming to new owners?: This is something we are looking into - will do if possible.

Will you always take the animal back no matter what? If not please explain under what circumstances etc: Yes, any dog who is unable to stay with the adopter will have to return to the care of the rescue - this will be part of the contract that they sign and agree to this.

Rough 'donation' required per animal, please also explain what this involves: Currently 235 (to be reviewed) for the transport donation to bring a dog to the UK.

Can RHU staff/volunteers contact you about animals needing rescue backup that have been posted in our 'backup needed' section?: No we are a small private rescue who are focussing on the rehoming of one private rescue in Romania. We will be unable to offer RBU to any other dogs UK or Romanian at this time.

Other information (optional):

Additional reps:
Lindsay - lstocks