Dear everyone,

December this year marks RHU's 10 year anniversary! That's pretty awesome for a community built from scratch, and together we've helped many thousands of animals. Way to go!

Unfortunately, the community is in a sticky situation at the moment. It's been very hard to find people able to help run things, and on top of this our forum software is quite out of date and doesn't integrate well with the Facebook group, where we now have a lot more active members.

I was planning on switching us over to some new, more modern, more mobile friendly forum software but have never managed to finish the work needed for the switch as I'm busy dealing with requests etc. (and of course my family, job, etc.)

However, this might be a moot point now because - our forum hosting bill was paid up for 5 years in advance by kind donations from members in 2012, but this runs out in December this year.

It's quite expensive to host a large forum like ours and after some consideration I don't think it makes sense to try to appeal for funds to keep the forum going.

As we are a community, RHU belongs to everyone here, and I welcome anyone who wants the opportunity to keep it going to get in touch. I do not have the capacity to work at it any more but if you do, feel free to steer this ship wherever you can take her! There is a lot of potential there for a rescue community (we still have new members joining the forum every day).

If not, I think we will have to make the move to working primarily on the Facebook group instead (which for some rescues is the norm already).

That being said, (yes, this is getting a bit long winded, sorry! Hang in there, nearly done) I personally feel that I am going to have to step away as admin in the coming months, I'm sorry to say. I've been RHU admin for over 7 years but this year my family has grown and I feel now it's time for me to concentrate my time on them.

So, what we really need is someone excited to take on the community, take charge and perhaps start a new era of RHU?!

Whatever happens, I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone in the community, old members and new, for all the work done in the past TEN YEARS! We've done wonderful things and a lot of animals are safe and loved thanks to our efforts x