- Animals for adoption can only be posted by registered Rescue Staff or Rescue Helpers

- Prior to posting an animal for adoption the animal MUST have rescue backup

If this has not been arranged please feel free to start a thread in our Rescue Backup Needed section

- All animals MUST be assessed before being posted for adoption

- Neutering/spaying:

All dogs and cats MUST be neutered/spayed BEFORE being posted in this section. Unless this is not possible due to age or for medical reasons.

This is at RHU Staff's discretion. We appreciate that some smaller rescues may not be able to afford this and therefore as long as it states in the rescue's policy section that neutering is in the rehoming contract, then this may be allowed.

Other animals such as some small furries - we accept that neutering is not always possible or even necessary, so for these types of animals we accept posts advertising un-neutered animals for rehoming - however all rescue rehoming/fostering contracts should include clauses to avoid breeding.

Any rescues or members that are not complying with these policies or if anyone is unsure on the policies please contact RHU staff. Threads may be removed from the forum without prior notice if Staff feel it is necessary.

Thank you for your co-operation,
RHU Staff