Jack is a gorgeous boy who hasn't had the best luck at all.
He is around 7 years old, and such a character.
Jack came to us after serving his 7 days in a council pound, since then he has been in foster care waiting for his forever home.

Jack did finally -after 5 months of waiting- have a meet and greet with a potential new family, we were all so happy for him.
However the happiness was short lived, Jack soon started acting very quiet and just wasn't himself, He then had quite explosive diarrhea. The meet & Greet was cut short, and on further inspection of the diarrhea we discovered it was just Blood. He also vomitted twice (all that came up was grass).
We had also noticed a small lump on Jacks scrotal area (Jack IS neutered i must add), it looked like a sore patch - almost like he'd been nibbling at it, we weren't overly concerned as Jack does occasionally nibble at himself.

We rushed down the vets, where Jack was still quite quiet in himself, He was given antisickness medication and some tablets to help his gut. We also got the vet to have a look at the small lump on Jacks scrotal area.
The vet took a sample of the lump in a needle and then went and examined it, When he came back in, what he said shocked us all. The lump on Jack's scrotal area is a Mast Cell Tumour, In other words Cancer - we just don't know how severe yet.
There were talks that if Jack's gut didnt settle down with the tablets, it could be possible the cancer could have spread to his Gut area.
We booked him in for an Ultrasound on the Tuesday.

We took Jack back to his home and started to give him tablets. He seemed to perk up a bit, But his gut issue was not getting any better, and Jack either couldn't poo, or when he did it was explosive diarrhea with blood in it.

On the tuesday Jack went back to the vets for his ultrasound, that all came back clear, But over the weekend we had noticed another lump on Jacks side, so that was tested - this is also a Mast Cell Tumour. Jack also had blood tests these also all came back clear.

We now have Jack on his tablets, and some medication that will help him to poo (which are working thankfully!)
But now we need to raise 450, to get both lumps removed and sent off for grading!
If anyone could spare even 1 it would help us to reach our goal and to help Jack.

Paypal details are: donatestormslegacy@hotmail.com

If anyone would like any more information or has any questions about Jack please contact us, we do have pictures of the lumps etc which we are happy to share with anyone who asks.

Thank you for reading this