Draconian Dogs Act
August 25 at 2:15pm

KEEPERS URGENTLY NEEDED!! We require keepers for the following dogs:

Male pit bull type. approx 2 -3 years (TBC) A gentle soul, dog friendly, ideally needs household that is not very busy or very young children. He is very people friendly and no behaviour issues but would settle better in a home thats not too busy. He currently lives with a staffie cross bitch (his mum) who is NOT type. Ideally they will go together but due to time issues, we will split if need be. both neutered, chippe and will be vaccinated.

Female pit bull type. Young and friendly with people and dogs. A great all rounder . Approx 2 years old.

Keepers must be prepared to undergo checks by ourselves and the police. They must have a secure property with at least 6 ft fencing, be allowed to have a registered pit bull at the property and pass the fit and proper person requirements. They must be willing to attend court and keep the dog as per the restrictions (Lead, muzzle , insurance among others) for the rest of the dogs life.

If you think you would be able to ffer a home to a registered dog please message us at Draconian Dogs Act or call 07899 724 800 for an interest form
** edited to add: the two pictured are NOT looking for keepers. They live with Draconian Dogs Act founder Allie Green who is their registered keeper. Pictures of dogs needing keepers will be sent to succesful potential applicants**
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