Faith needs an MRI scan & operation

Faith needs a large amount of funds raised to help her. Faith came from the stray kennels and arrived there scared and skinny, faith was rehomed but cane back to us. She then went into emergancy fosters, until she landed with her now fosters. Shes a lovely little girl. Unfortunately faith has a suspected ruptured disc in her back.

Vets have advised an mri and then an operation. Initial enquiries were costed at 5000/7000.

Vets have now been found who can do the mri and operation for 2500. Which is an amazing saving, but still a very large sum to raise.
She will also need physiotherapy after the operation vosting in the region of 1000.

Faith is based near kettering so we are trying to find lovely hydrotherapy centres and laser therapy that maybe able to discount.
Faith is under East Anglia Dog rescue. You can find us here on
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Link: Click here to support Faith needs an MRI scan & operation organised by Leanne Mcwade | 17th June 2017 10:45