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Jod 10:52 1st September 2017

Dear everyone,

December this year marks RHU's 10 year anniversary! That's pretty awesome for a community built from scratch, and together we've helped many thousands of animals. Way to go!

Unfortunately, the community is in a sticky situation at the moment. It's been very hard to find people able to help run things, and on top of this our forum software is quite out of date and doesn't integrate well with the Facebook group, where we now have a lot more active members.

I was planning on switching us over to some new, more modern, more mobile friendly forum software but have never managed to finish the work needed for the switch as I'm busy dealing with requests etc. (and of course my family, job, etc.)

However, this might be a moot point now because - our forum hosting bill was paid up for 5 years in advance by kind donations from members in 2012, but this runs out in December this year.

It's quite expensive to host a large forum like ours and after some consideration I don't think it makes sense to try to appeal for funds to keep the forum going.

As we are a community, RHU belongs to everyone here, and I welcome anyone who wants the opportunity to keep it going to get in touch. I do not have the capacity to work at it any more but if you do, feel free to steer this ship wherever you can take her! There is a lot of potential there for a rescue community (we still have new members joining the forum every day).

If not, I think we will have to make the move to working primarily on the Facebook group instead (which for some rescues is the norm already).

That being said, (yes, this is getting a bit long winded, sorry! Hang in there, nearly done) I personally feel that I am going to have to step away as admin in the coming months, I'm sorry to say. I've been RHU admin for over 7 years but this year my family has grown and I feel now it's time for me to concentrate my time on them.

So, what we really need is someone excited to take on the community, take charge and perhaps start a new era of RHU?!

Whatever happens, I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone in the community, old members and new, for all the work done in the past TEN YEARS! We've done wonderful things and a lot of animals are safe and loved thanks to our efforts x

Jem 16:01 4th September 2017
Wow! This is so sad. You really must've put so much energy into this and be exhausted. I know life moves on for us all. It's easy to- like me! - enjoy being part and not think about what holds it all together. Whatever happens a massive thank-you for all you've done.

My skills are only the dog walking/assessment/homechecks stuff so I'm no help. If there are people out there who can keep RHU alive that would be fabulous. If it goes I will so miss you all so much- RHU is the first place I look every morning to see if I can find an assignment. There's nowhere like it nor a better community.
Jod 22:41 4th September 2017
Thank you so much for those kind words Gillian That is wonderful to hear.

It was a very hard decision to make and I really hope someone can keep things going! Just focusing on the positive and all the help we've given over the years to animals that really needed us, makes it easier
Jazz 08:42 7th September 2017
thank you for being there for us and the animals xxxx
yes, most forums have gone now and its all on facebook
Jod 10:43 18th September 2017
Facebook does make it very easy to reply and things like that, and it takes the burden off in terms of paying for hosting, so that's great. Just a shame there's not much of a system we can use there for rescues posting requests, no forms to post from.
Jod 10:43 18th September 2017
Update: I'm thinking we will shut the forum down for new posts from 1st December. This will give me a few weeks to clean everything up. I will keep a backup of the database and the complete members list so if in future anyone wants to take it over and get a forum/mailing list going again all the data will be available

I might look in to ways that rescues can post using a form from the website if that's easier than posting directly on Facebook, at least that way we can use a template of sorts. Will update as ideas progress.
Jem 11:28 19th September 2017
Is it a question of money? I know you must be exhausted and wish there was something I could do.
snowkitty 20:29 11th October 2017
Will be sorry to see the forum go Jo I have been a member for a few years now and witnessed a decline on not just your forum but our own rescue forum too which has also now closed. Face book sort of took over and made it easier to talk to people. You and your staff have worked really hard and helped countless dogs, cats and other animals so thank you for being their for the animals and us xx
AdamJ 09:13 3 Weeks Ago
I understand but will be sad to see it go. Iím not on Facebook nor want to be so will say ĎTíra and best wishes for the future.
Jem 15:35 3 Weeks Ago
Absolutely agree. I hate Facebook and would like to say goodbye to everyone I've had contact with on here. And thanks for the opportunity of being part of a really lovely group of people. It's done so much good for so many animals. So long and be proud, all of you.
Mole 10:46 3 Weeks Ago
Sad to see the demise of the "forums" that have done so much good in a rescue for so many years. Always more of a family feel to them as people had to actually join and give info. Most of my online rescue long term friends were made as part of a forum. More people now participate in rescue through facebook but I personally will miss the forums greatly.

Well done to all the admin down the years who have kept this forum going.

Nobody knows what a difficult time consuming job it is until you actually do it

for the memories.
chrissey 10:29 3 Weeks Ago
Horrible to see the demise of such a great Forum that, over the years has helped so many animals and, as a community, lending support and advice to so many also.

Thank you for the experience RHU and for inspiring me to do what I do today.
morganna 22:02 2 Weeks Ago
OMG I also hate facebook but have an unused account, so will take a look. Really sorry to see this forum go though.
Hope everyone keeps up the good work, there must be another dog rescue place I could join?
Mole 11:52 2 Weeks Ago
Just have to say to everyone who hates Facebook .. like anything on the internet you take out of it what you need and ignore the rest. My FB page has nothing to do with anything whatsoever other than dogs and rescue. No personal info. I only have friends on there who relate to dog rescue as I'm not interested in all the other crap.

You can make a FB page and only see the RHU page if you want it that way ... you can keep absolutely everything private and only post to whoever's timeline you need to. You can block people, you do not have to accept any friend you don't want to. If you make a page and post on here .. people who are on FB will talk you through how to do it so that you only see the RHU page.

It would be a shame to lose good rescue people just because the forum is closing

I'll miss the forum emoji's as well .. much better than the FB rubbish. everyone hope to see you on RHU FB page .. you can do it !!
morganna 14:00 2 Weeks Ago
Originally Posted by snowkitty:
Will be sorry to see the forum go Jo I have been a member for a few years now and witnessed a decline on not just your forum but our own rescue forum too which has also now closed. Face book sort of took over and made it easier to talk to people. You and your staff have worked really hard and helped countless dogs, cats and other animals so thank you for being their for the animals and us xx
Have to agree with Adam I hate Face Book but if that's what it's gonna take then I'll give it a go. So sorry Jo, the forums were great and we built a great group of friends. Have missed all of you due to family circumstances and ill health. I wish everyone well in the future.
Please take care of yourselves
Love to all