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pam4eq 16th July 2017 14:59

Homecheck SP1 3RA
What RHU help do you need?: HOMECHECKING

Location (Village/Town, County and Postcode): Salisbury, SP1 3RA

Rescue/contact: Pam Weaver, Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue

Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: Ferret
Sex: no preference
Age(s): under 6 months
Name(s): TBA
Colours: light colours
Neutered: no (but will be on contract to be done when old enough)
Temperament: playful / boisterous / easy

Experienced homechecker required?: No

Other information (optional): You do not need any experience with ferrets. There are 2 ferrets in the home, but you do not need to handle them.
The paperwork will give me all the information I need to make a decision on the homecheck, alongside homecheckers gut feeling.

RHU Facebook post:

Jod 17th July 2017 20:47

PMd and shared

Tizzy ; Mattcaswell ; Thekerryp ; JemimaJames ; playtimepaws ; Amanda_Topham ; MadAsABoxOfDogs ; ChloeBryant ; Melliejsmith ;decemberfox ; elainew; pam4eq; Northwind ; Madria ; LadyGrey ; Carole ; ditzib ; ambersmum ; lizardlace ; Jaci Beckerley-Martin ; DebbieM ; GillHuller ; Svend ; DebF ; rozdino ; Tee Ell ; Ruthie D ; Mandi ; Stopyulin

Jod 17th July 2017 21:02

Offer on FB group from Debbie Mallet, tagged you there Pamela :up:

pam4eq 17th July 2017 21:18

Thank you! Debbie is going to do it :) will let you know when it's completed.

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