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Cyprus Pride House 17th February 2017 09:59

Bristol, BS3 4PG
What RHU help do you need?: HOMECHECKING

Location (Village/Town, County and Postcode): Bristol, BS3 4PG

Rescue/contact: Cyprus Pride House

Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: Dog Beagle x
Sex: M
Age(s): 3
Name(s): Winston
Colours: white/black/tan
Neutered: y
Temperament: friendly

Experienced homechecker required?: y

Other information (optional):

Mole 17th February 2017 12:25

pm'd and shared


Mad H@ter; sporton; Madria ; rachelparnell ; Mutts with Friends ; ebocli ; nellienoonoo ; Renna ; dinkydoodle ; ellaina ; yatesmallanimalrescue ; cleo ; Bizzong ; dan Nethercott ; Geraldine ; rosiehevans ; xcassiex76 ; mel.artivich ; LauraChowns ; Nickyc

Mole 17th February 2017 12:38

@Cyprus Pride House offer for you on RHU Facebook group .

Cyprus Pride House 17th February 2017 13:16

I haven't been tagged. Could you ask the person to email me Thanks

Dusty dog 17th February 2017 15:04

It will come from Jane Pocock @Cyprus Pride House

Cyprus Pride House 18th February 2017 10:43

This is booked now thank you

Dusty dog 9th March 2017 08:23

@Cyprus Pride House has this Home check been completed please
Many Thanks

muckypaws 20th March 2017 19:31

update requested on group

muckypaws 22nd March 2017 14:01

Completed with thanks :clap:

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