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wendya 28th June 2017 09:18

Assessment needed London N20 for staffy
What RHU help do you need?: Assessment

Contact/organisation details: SSC

Location (Village/Town, County and Postcode):

Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: sbt
Name(s): Haze

Experienced assessor needed?: Yes

Other information (optional):

RHU Facebook group post:

Jod 28th June 2017 22:09

PMd & shared

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Shen2 28th June 2017 22:22

I can do this and I rescued my own staffie in Jan so I'm experienced too! Send details to

Jod 28th June 2017 22:27

Thank you Chantal :up:

@wendya See offer above

wendya 29th June 2017 14:50

@Shen2 Chantal thank you but are you a experienced assessor? sorry I have to ask

Shen2 30th June 2017 00:07

Yes I am. Can current owner provide as much info as possible please. Most recent assessment I did was for Akita Rescue and Welfare on a male American Akita (I already rehomed one of this breed and am about to rehome a Japanese Akita).

wendya 30th June 2017 08:42

I will Pm you thanks

wendya 30th June 2017 08:52

Docs sent to Chantal

Shen2 1st July 2017 23:47

Wendy please send docs again I've checked but can't see them

Shen2 1st July 2017 23:51

Sorry. I see them now. Will contact owner tomorrow

wendya 3rd July 2017 08:54

Great thank you she is waiting on your call

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