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chrissey 1st January 2017 19:16

Help with new Website please.
Are there any members that could potentially help me with a new website design and build please?

chrissey 4th January 2017 17:33

Anyone able to help?

Unregistered 1st March 2017 13:58

New website
Hi Chrissey,

I might be able to help you. Do you want to write to me at with details about what you would like.



SarahR777 13th March 2017 19:17

Hi Chrissey,

Not sure if you have your website sorted as yet but happy to help. email me


Mole 13th March 2017 19:23

@chrissey .. offer of help above ^^^^

chrissey 14th March 2017 17:54

Oh, fab, I will email you Sarah.:up:

chrissey 18th March 2017 13:11

Sarah, I have emailed you, did you receive it? thanks Chris

muckypaws 18th March 2017 15:16


Originally Posted by chrissey (Post 753729)
Sarah, I have emailed you, did you receive it? thanks Chris

@SarahR777 ^^^

StevenHelper 18th April 2017 08:55

Hey I can help you. What do you need? I'm a web designer and owner of 7 dogs:-) 5 cats, 2 parrots. Me and my wife we love animals. Send me a private message.

chrissey 18th April 2017 14:15

thanks Steven, much appreciated, will do.

chrissey 20th April 2017 18:45

Sent you an email Steven to the email address given, but have had a failure notice, wondered if you could try sending me one? :up:

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