RHU Fundraising
- Donate to RHU's running costs
Donate to Rescue Helpers Unite to help us to pay the running costs we incur while providing this free service for Rescues and volunteers. (More info on our running costs here)

*RHU is a non-profit organisation - any money raised beyond our running costs will be stored for use when next years hosting bill is due OR may be donated direct to Rescues to help animals in urgent need.
- The RHU Monthly Kitty for Rescues
Donate The RHU Monthly Kitty is an easy way for people to chip in and send a donation to an RHU registered rescue.

Even the smallest amount can contribute towards helping an animal in need!

Every month we ask rescues to add their name to the list, and then do a random draw of all the rescues on the list and the winning rescue gets that month's donations.

Donations are sent direct from members to the Rescues to avoid delays and unnecessary payment processing fees.

Join the kitty now!
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(One-off monthly donations also welcome!)

- RHU running costs:

- Website/forum hosting & domain name - approx. 160 per year
(a discounted rate thanks to our lovely hosting company!)

- Stationary, postage & printing of promotional materials - approx 50+ per year
(to help advertise RHU and find more volunteers for Rescues)

TOTAL = (approx.) 210+ per year

In the past these expenses have been paid in the most part by RHU Staff, but we need help to cover the costs!

Thank you so much for any help you can give us.

RHU Shop
- RHU Online Shop
Visit the RHU Online Shop for RHU tees, hoodies, bags & more, plus a wide range of animal related goodies!

A 50p commission from the sale of every item is used to help animals.
- Help animals while you shop!

Click on any of the links below before making a purchase at these online stores and a small commission on your sale will be used to help animals!

Got an online store you'd like to suggest? Contact us (via email or via the forum) and we'll see what we can do :)
- Advertise on RHU and help rescues at the same time!
Advertise your business or organisation to thousands of animal lovers and help save animals lives at the same time - it's win-win! More info