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  37. Public ***Temporary short term foster appeal***
  38. Public Dog foster homes are needed within the Bournemouth area for Staffie and Stray Rescue!
  39. Public Henry needs a foster home, 3 yrs old, white boxer, great with kids and dogs!
  40. Public Dog free foster homes wanted within the Bournemouth area! Please get in touch
  41. Public Foster Homes Needed UK wide. Dogs and Puppies
  42. Public Volunteer to help with dog care in Bulgaria
  43. Public Temporary foster (10 days) needed for 2 dogs from 18/19th Aug, kids over 13 & no cats
  44. Lorraine Benson posted a photo on Rescue Helpers Unite's wall: Foster(s) needed for a
  45. Public Foster needed please for Holly
  46. Public EXPERIENCED foster homes NEEDED for emergencies
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